Gold in the safe
The Germans' gold

With its chemical and physical properties, gold occupies a prominent position among metals: it can be divided into the smallest units, it is practically imperishable, and its limited availability makes it additionally valuable. From the perspective of a central bank, it goes without saying that gold's special significance for monetary and currency history must be emphasised.

On this topic page, the Bundesbank provides a comprehensive overview of Germany's gold reserves with detailed texts and impressive pictures. The central bank's experts explain how gold first became increasingly important as a means of payment and later as an anchor of stability for the world monetary system. It provides detailed information on the origin, use and storage of gold in its own vaults. Interesting insights into the extraction and processing of gold as a raw material as well as well-founded knowledge about its properties are visually impressively complemented by an extensive illustration of selected gold bars from the Bundesbank's holdings.

BLACK – RED – GOLD.  The digital special exhibition of the Numismatic Collection
Virtual exhibition of Bundesbank gold

The Bundesbank is dedicating a virtual special exhibition to the topic of gold. Visitors experience an exciting journey through time with lots of interesting information about this special precious metal.

Digital exhibition: GOLD. Treasures in the Deutsche Bundesbank
Gold exhibition in 3D ©Deutsche Bundesbank

With the digital version of the exhibition, the Bundesbank wants to meet the public's desire for more transparency on the subject of gold.

Germany's Gold
Cover: Germany's Gold

How did Germany's gold reserves come into being and what role did gold play as a means of payment through the ages? What was the significance of gold reserves then and now? With this book, the Bundesbank's gold reserves are presented to readers for the first time in an informative and illustrative way, as if they were holding them in their own hands. The transfer of significant gold holdings from the depositories in New York and Paris to Frankfurt has attracted a great deal of public attention in recent years.

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