55 years Deutsche Bundesbank

A stable currency for Germany and Europe – this has been the Bundesbank’s primary task for 55 years. As the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany, it fulfilled this mandate for half a century with greater determination and success than almost any other monetary institution in the world. Since 1999, the Bundesbank has been a member of the Eurosystem, contributing its orientation to stability and its wealth of experience as an independent central bank.

A reliable and stable currency is not only an advantage to the economy, but also, in particular, the general public. Otmar Emminger, a former President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, expressed this aptly when he said that "price stability is not everything, but without price stability everything is nothing."

Gallery of presidents

Jens Weidmann was appointed on 1 May 2011. He is the eleventh president of the Deutsche Bundesbank and its predecessors since 1948.

Weidmann and Schlesinger: a discussion

Jens Weidmann and Helmut Schlesinger ©Jens Braune del Angel
Weidmann and Schlesinger
To mark the Bundesbank’s 55th anniversary, Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann and former Bundesbank President Helmut Schlesinger gave an interview to the Bundesbank's staff magazine. They talked about the highs and lows and the challenges that lie ahead for the Bundesbank. To read the complete interview, which took place on 29 June 2012, please click on the link below.