Images of unity: Bundesbank exhibiting iconic photograph by Barbara Klemm

This year, Germany is celebrating German Unity Day in Frankfurt am Main. To mark the 25th anniversary, the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt, together with numerous institutions and businesses, is exhibiting works by the photographer Barbara Klemm. The Frankfurter took impressive pictures of the division and reunification of Germany, which shape the memory of that period to this day. The Deutsche Bundesbank's art collection also contains a number of these photographs. They are on display at the Bundesbank's Representative Office in Tokyo and make reference to the Bundesbank's cultural commitment and to contemporary history.

A stroll through history

Historisches Foto von Barbara Klemm an der Fassade der Bundesbank-Hauptverwaltung in Frankfurt
A banner with a large-format photo is now displayed on the facade of the Bundesbank's Regional Office in Frankfurt, showing the celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate on the evening of 9 November 1989. The photo series continues at the new European Central Bank building and other buildings in the city. As art in public places, the photographer's works invite all those interested to take a stroll through history in Frankfurt up to and including 4 October.