Image sides of the 5 and 10 euro collector coin to be issued in 2020.

Special rules for the issuance of collectors’ coins with a polymer ring

From 10 September 2020, the €5 collectors’ coin “Subpolar zone” and the €10 collectors’ coin “Ashore” are available at the branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank. As precautionary measures are still required to curb the spread of the coronavirus and due to the expected high demand for these collectors’ coins we ask you to observe the following rules when visiting our branches.

General information

In certain cases, these rules may be supplemented by separate local information at individual branches. Please refer to the relevant branch’s website prior to the issue date. There, you will also find the branch’s opening hours and contact information.

The counters at the Dortmund, Essen, Hagen and Mainz branches will remain closed to private customers. It is NOT possible to purchase either of the two collectors’ coins from these branches.

Protect yourself and others during your visit

During your visit, please observe the following rules.

  • Access to our branch buildings is only possible with a nose and mouth while cover. 
  • Please keep the recommended minimum distance of 1.5 metres away from others.
  • Please follow the signs at the branch as well as the instructions given by our employees and by third parties commissioned by the Bundesbank (e.g. security personnel).

Check availability of collectors’ coins before your visit

The individual branch websites provide information on the availability of the two collectors’ coins on the days following the original issue date. To this end, a message will appear informing you whether the relevant collectors’ coin is available at a particular branch. Although the availability status is frequently updated, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that, during counter opening hours, the availability of a collectors’ coin changes more quickly than we can update the status on the website. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that the collectors’ coins will be in stock at the time of your visit.

Certain branches will issue the collectors’ coins at separate counters (further information on this is available on the relevant branch’s website or at the branch itself). No other transactions can be conducted at these separate counters.

Help prevent queues

Even at those branches that do not issue collectors’ coins at separate counters, we would ask you to refrain from conducting further (extensive) retail transactions as far as possible in the first few days in order to keep the waiting times for all interested parties as short as possible.

Coins issued in exchange for cash only

Please note that:

  • collectors’ coins can be purchased exclusively in exchange for payment in cash;
  • it is not possible to pay for collectors’ coins using electronic payment methods such as smartphones, girocards (EC cards) or credit cards.

Thank you for your cooperation.