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International Central Banking Courses 2020 – four new courses

More than ever, the interconnected world that we live in requires us to work with our international partners in order to develop truly global solutions and react swift and sound on new emerging trends and challenges.So called “boring is best” times are over, so the Bundesbank has no shortage on new topics and ideas including new technologies, cryptocurrencies, social media attention, environmental change and new regulations. Looking forward the Centre for International Central Bank Dialogue (CIC) offers again a broad range of International Central Banking Courses on various topics in 2020. We offer Level I courses on core aspects of central banking for young professionals, as well as expert panels that are designed to open the floor to more experienced central bank employees. In general, expert panels require more active contribution from the participants and may include the submission of a paper or presentation beforehand, which will be presented during the panel.

As indicated above we are glad to offer four new courses in 2020.

  • Against the background of increasing importance of social media communication in central bank’s work, we created an expert panel on Central bank communication via social media. This course is directed at different experts from our central bank partners who are invited to discuss social media as a channel for central banks and to share practical experiences and social media strategies.
  • Environmental management is not only a concern for the general public, but also a high priority topic for many institutions and companies. The Bundesbank’s expert panel on Environmental and Energy Management in the Deutsche Bundesbank covers the Bundesbank’s environmental guidelines and the Environmental Strategy 2020. We will provide you with deeper insights into our Action fields, including the Bank’s use of resources, energy consumption, the Bundesbank’s stance on mobility and our energy and environmental management system.
  • Due to the changing cash environment and new developments in cash management and  processing including automation we designed a Level I course on the Introduction to Cash management. Participants will learn more about the tasks of a modern central bank in the cash cycle and are invited to our branch and Service Center of Cash automation in Munich.
  • Accounting issues are generally not at the heart of banking supervisors. Nevertheless, they are key to implementing Pillar 3 of the Basel II requirement. Therefore, we offer a course on Accounting for banking supervisors, where we present the most important standards of IAS/IFRS. Besides, the course will teach banking supervisors how to discover the hidden information of annual reports.

We encourage you to read the details on our 2020 courses on our webpage. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have further questions or comments via

Text: Sidney Lampart