Monthly balance sheet statistics (BISTA – Bilanzstatistik)

The monthly balance sheet statistics list domestic banks (MFIs)' assets and liabilities based on the books at the end of the month. They thus represent the most comprehensive statistical survey of the banking industry in Germany and are at the core of the banking statistics reporting system.

A report consists of a balance sheet and additional annexes containing an analytically important breakdown of the balance sheet items by type, term and debtor and borrower sector. For legally dependent branches abroad separate reports have to be submitted and additionally a consolidated report for the so-called multi-office institute.

The reports on the monthly balance sheet statistics pursuant to section 4 of the Finanzinformationenverordnung (FinaV) also serve as the prudential returns for the supervisory authorities. Micro data are available for research purposes from 1999 onwards.

Please indicate the relevant modules in your application and whether you need data for multi-office institutes or the domestic parts of the institutes.

Available modules

The dataset is broken down in modules along similar lines:

  • HV – Main form


  • A – Loans and advances and liabilities to banks (MFIs)
  • B – Loans and advances to non-banks (non-MFIs)
  • C – Liabilities to non-banks (non-MFIs)
  • D – Saving deposits
  • E – Securities
  • F – Supplementary data for institutions which issue bearer debt securities
  • H – Supplementary data on liabilities and own debt securities and for minimum reserve purposes
  • I – Claims and liabilities related to derivative financial instruments of the trading portfolio
  • L – Irrevocable lending commitments

Annexes H, I, L, and parts of the other annexes have not to be submitted for branches abroad and multi-office institutes.

Units worth protecting

The reporting institutions must be protected, which are contained in the variables