Combined International Trade and Investment Data (CITID)

The Combined International Trade and Investment Data (CITID) landscape facilitates the integration of research data from the Research Data Centers of the Federal and State Statistical Offices (RDC) with those of the Research Data and Service Center (RDSC) of the Bundesbank. The primary focus is on datasets related to international trade and investments.

Within this data landscape, the combination of the identifiers unr and urs_we_id_z from the URS with the identifier awmus from the Bundesbank is enabled. This allows multiple individual datasets to be seamlessly merged, encompassing a wide range of information. These datasets include data on trade in goods, trade in services, inward and outward foreign direct investment (FDI), as well as information on international financial and capital transactions, along with additional firm-level data. The article by Boddin et al. (2024) provides a detailed description of the linkage of these data products.

Units worth protecting

The units to be protected depend on the specific data being used and can be identified within the respective datasets.