Centralised Securities Database (CSDB)

The “Centralised Securities Database” (CSDB) is a security-by-security reference database that contains data on instruments, issuers and prices for debt securities, equity instruments and investment fund shares issued worldwide. A security-by-security database is a microdatabase that stores statistics at an individual security level. The CSDB research data are available as a panel dataset with monthly frequency from April 2009 onwards.

For more information on the CSDB we recommend to take a look at the data report provided below.

Available modules

Four different subsets of variables (SDS) and a rating module (SDSR) from the CSDB were defined and can be made available. Whether access to a certain subset of variables can be granted for instance depends on whether the CSDB data shall be used in combination with other microdata or on its own. 

Detailed information on the variables of the CSDB and the four subsets of variables available for research are provided in the Data Report below.

Units worth protecting

Individual issuers or securities may not be named in results. This also applies to the naming of individual ISINs.