Linking data from the banking statistics

Researchers can link microdata on banks easily by. This may be corroborated using the published data structure files. The exception with respect to the linkage is the banks’ profit and loss accounts (GuV). The technical report 2022-03 describes this issue.

Users of Stata® may follow step by step one possibility to link the annual banks‘ profit and loss accounts and the monthly balance sheet statistics using the “linkingMFIdata.sthlp”. The procedure is close to the one applied by the statistics group of the Bundesbank responsible for the banks’ profit and loss accounts. In order to replicate the program code the data structure files “mamfi_9920_cre.dta”, “bista_mof_HV_9919_cre.dta” and “guv_9919_cre.dta”, the linking table “map_BAID_DOM_BAID_MOF.dta”, and the ado-file “mfimerger.ado” to account for mergers are needed.