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Net domestic investment abroad

At €164 billion, foreign direct investment continued to expand sharply in 2021, after the small increase in the first Corona year 2020 (119 bn). So it is at the level of the former peak 2018.

With a share of 76%, Europe remained the most popular target region. A large percentage of the investment was channelled into Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and Swiss.

In terms of other individual countries, the United States is still attractive to German investors; the share of the Americas as a whole stands only at 9%. By contrast, the share of German investment flows going to Asia increased to just 13% with the biggest interest in Singapur.

Domestic direct investment asset
Domestic direct investment assets, breakdown by groups of countries
Domestic direct investment assets, breakdowns by economic activity of the domestic investors

Domestic direct investment liabilities

Liabilities to affiliated enterprises abroad showed €62 bn in 2021. That is a much smaller inflow than in 2020, which was extraordinary high with €123 bn.

Over 50% of the funds stemmed from euro area countries. In particular, there were high levels of investment from Ireland, France and Estonia.

Meanwhile, the funds from America declined the frist time since 2009 (-€10 bn). The share of inflows from Asia, however, did increase significantly to 23% (2020: 1%).

Domestic direct investment liabilities
Domestic direct investment liabilities, breakdowns by groups of countries
Domestic direct investment liabilities