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Net domestic investment abroad

At €169 billion, foreign direct investment continued to expand in 2022, albeit to a slightly lesser extent than in the previous year (€181 billion). It is thus still at a high level.

With a share of 70%, Europe remained the most popular target region. A large percentage of investment was channelled into Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

In terms of other individual countries, the United States was the most attractive to German investors. Overall, the United States ranked 3rd, with the share of the Americas as a whole rising markedly overall to 14%. The share of German investment flows to Asia remained virtually unchanged on a pro rata basis compared with the previous year at 14%, with China, in particular, attracting a lot of attention from investors.

Domestic direct investment asset
Domestic direct investment assets, breakdown by groups of countries
Domestic direct investment assets, breakdowns by economic activity of the domestic investors

Domestic direct investment liabilities

Direct investment flows to Germany from abroad totalled €44 billion in 2022. Inflows were thus significantly lower than in 2021 (€80 billion).

Only 30% of these funds came from Europe.

On the other hand – and in contrast to the previous year – there was a renewed inflow of funds from the Americas, primarily from the United States. Owing to the reluctance of European investors, american investors thus make up 48% of funds. Meanwhile, the share of inflows from Asia remained virtually unchanged on a pro rata basis at 19%, but investment in absolute terms was significantly down on the previous year, owing to the lower overall inflows of funds.

Domestic direct investment liabilities
Domestic direct investment liabilities, breakdowns by groups of countries
Domestic direct investment liabilities