€20 collector coin „100th birthday of Vicco v. Bülow (Loriot)"

€20 collector coin “100th birthday of Vicco v. Bülow (Loriot)”

The Federal Government has decided to mint a €20 collector coin to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vicco von Bülow aka Loriot (12 November 1923-22 August 2011), one of Germany’s greatest and most multi-faceted comic talents. The special issue will be released at 28 September 2023

The coin is made of sterling silver (alloy Ag 925). It weighs 18 g, has a diameter of 32.5 mm and will be available both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish. The mint condition coins will be brought into circulation at their face value (€20). The issue price of the collector quality coins with a proof-like finish will be higher than their face value by the Münze Deutschland (Germany’s official sales agency for collector coins).
Münze Deutschland (Germany’s official sales agency for collector coins) will announce the exact price and the specific ordering conditions in good time prior to the issue date.

For a more impactful statement and added appeal, part of the coin’s motif has been rendered in colour.

The picture side was designed by Studio Loriot and the State Mint of Berlin; the reverse is based on a design by the Stuttgart-based artist Ulrich Böhme.

Featuring the character of the “Rosenkavalier” (the suitor with his rose), the picture side depicts not only one of von Bülow’s most well-known drawings but a truly iconic figure: Loriot often sketched it as a special gift alongside his autograph. The coin convincingly juxtaposes the vibrancy of the rose with the delicate lines picking out the bust in relief. An inscription gives the name of the coin’s honoree as well as the dates of his birth and death. The portrait floats untethered on the face of the coin. The chosen design brings a subtle sense of humour to mingle strikingly with the surreal charm of the humorist’s work.

The reverse features an eagle framed by the words “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND”, the value and denomination, the letter “A” for the State Mint of Berlin, the year 2023, and the 12 stars of Europe. In addition, the words “SILBER 925” are minted on the coin.

Its smooth edge picks up on a favourite interjection of Loriot’s, bearing the inscription “ACH WAS” (“well well”)