€20 collectors' coin “Hans in Luck”

€20 collectors’ coin “Hans in Luck” from the series “200 years of Grimm's fairy tales”

The German government has decided to mint a €20 collectors’ coin “Hans in Luck”, to be issued on 19 January 2023. This coin is the twelfth in a series entitled “200 years of Grimm’s fairy tales”, which was launched in 2012. The first volume of the Grimm Brothers’ “Kinder- und Hausmärchen” (Children’s and Household Tales) was published in Germany on 20 December 1812. These tales were added to UNESCO's Memory of the World Register in 2005.

The coin is made of sterling silver (alloy Ag 925). It weighs 18 g, has a diameter of 32.5 mm and will be made available both in mint condition and with a proof-like finish. The mint condition coins will be brought into circulation at their face value (€20). The collector quality coins with a proof-like finish will be higher than their face value and will be issued by the Münze Deutschland (Germany’s official sales agency for collector coins).

The picture side of the coin “Hans in Luck” bears a composition of the key elements of the fairy tale. Hans is shown in the foreground striding out into the world, with the items he exchanges in the background. The coin was designed by Rodenbach-based artist Michael Otto.

The reverse features an eagle, the words “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND”, the value and denomination, the letter of the respective mint, the year 2023, and the twelve stars of Europe. In addition, the words “SILBER 925” are embossed on the reverse.