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Weidmann identifies risks and rewards in central bank digital currency


Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann feels that the introduction of central bank digital currency (CBDC) needs careful consideration. The various risks suggest that a prudent design and cautious approach would be essential, he said at the Bundesbank’s virtual autumn conference. CBDC is not necessarily needed to provide the general public with quick, secure and cheap payment methods.

Weidmann identifies risks and rewards in central bank digital currency
Weidmann during his speech at the virtual autumn conferenceof the Bundesbank
Mauderer: "Climate change will cause enormous costs for our economies and our societies"


Bundesbank Executive Board member Sabine Mauderer has warned of the enormous costs that climate change will cause for the economies and societies. "More public and private money needs to flow into research and development, fostering climate-friendly innovation," Mauderer demanded at a conference. This would help to master the necessary transformation in the real economy.

Sabine Mauderer
Weidmann: Scale back the debt ratio after the crisis


Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann says the government acted swiftly and comprehensively in the coronavirus crisis. But finding a way out of crisis mode will be equally important. The crisis is forcing economic and fiscal policymakers to perform a tricky balancing act – supporting the economy in the short term, but not obstructing the necessary change or losing sight of the longer-term challenges.

Weidmann: Scale back the debt ratio after the crisis
Weidmann bei seiner Rede vor dem Übersee-Club Hamburg
Ever more payments being made by card


In 2019, the trend towards cashless payments picked up. Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, payments with debit cards (often issued in the form of "girocards" in Germany) gained ground in particular. Their usage increased by 20% on the year, with the cards being used ever more frequently for smaller transactions.

Ever more payments being made by card
The current Figure – payments with debit car
Envelope with a warning notice
Warning from the Deutsche Bundesbank
TARGET2-Securities operation center
Coronavirus crisis pushes TARGET2 balance above €1 trillion
Inside from book of photographs - The past becomes the future
New photo book on the Bundesbank’s architecture has been published
100 euro banknotes
Significant rise in number of counterfeit banknotes
Drafts for the new Deutsche Bundesbank campus
Architectural competition for Project Campus
Sabine Mauderer
Mauderer: Central banks need to take greater account of climate change in their analyses
Start frame of the image film "Money Museum"
The Money Museum introduces itself
Euro reference rate of the ECB to the US dollar
Interest rates
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