Mathias Hoffmann

Research Interests

  • International Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Economic Growth

Refereed Publications

  • Falck, E., M. Hoffmann and P. Hürtgen, Disagreement about Inflation Expectations and Monetary Policy Transmission, Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming.
  • Hoffmann, M., M.U. Krause and P. Tillmann (2019), International capital flows, external assets and output volatility, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 117, pp. 242-255.
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  • Enders, A., Z. Enders and M. Hoffmann (2018), International Financial Market Integration, Asset Compositions, and the Failing Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Journal of International Economics, Vol. 110, 151-175.
  • Hoffmann, Mathias and Patrick Hürtgen (2016), Inflation Expectations, Disagreement and Monetary Policy, Economic Letters, Vol. 146, 59-63.
  • Harms, Philipp, Mathias Hoffmann and Christina Ortseifer (2015), The Home Bias in Equities and Distribution Costs, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol. 117(3), 983-1018.
  • Hoffmann, Mathias, Michael U. Krause and Thomas Laubach (2012), Trend Growth Expectations and U.S. House Prices before and after the Crisis, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol.83, 394-409.
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  • Harms, Philipp and Mathias Hoffmann (2011), Deciding to Peg the Exchange Rate in Developing Countries: The Role of Private-Sector Debt, Open Economies Review, Vol.22(5), 825-846.
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  • Hoffmann, Mathias and Bernd Kempa (2009),The Poole Analysis in the New Open Economy Macroeconomic Framework, Review of International Economics, Vol.17, 1074-1097.
  • Hoffmann, Mathias (2007), Fixed versus Flexible Exchange Rates: Evidence from Developing Countries, Economica, Vol.74, 425-449.
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  • Hoffmann, Mathias (2003), Cross-Country Evidence on the Link between the Level of Infrastructure and Capital Inflows, Applied Economics, Vol.35(5), 515-526.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Hoffmann, Mathias and Boris Hofmann (2007), Trade Surplus, in: International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, 2nd edition, Macmillian/Thomson 2007.