Three people talking ©Björn Hänssler
The Bundesbank as an employer Valuable and valued work

You’re not working at just any bank. 
You’re working at the banks’ bank. 

As a central bank, we operate at the heart of the international financial markets and at the interfaces of politics, economics and academia. As a state-of-the-art institution with a hand in digitalisation and social change, we always aspire to be at the forefront of developments to ensure that our currency remains stable for the common good. 

As an employer, we are also committed to a special responsibility: we put our employees first, because our success is founded on their knowledge, their skills and their contributions. Of course, by that we do not only mean employees with banking or business qualifications.

Careers at the Bank – not only for banking professionals

Our team also includes data researchers, experts with an engineering or IT background and many other specialists. Bundesbank employees work in an environment of openness and trust. This is the only way to create a community with a common goal: that of acting sustainably and consistently.