Slovenia Euro and cent coins

The Slovenes have chosen their greatest poet, France Prešeren, to adorn their €2 coin. The €1 coin depicts the Protestant reformer and author of the first printed book in Slovenia, Primož Trubar.

The 50 cent coin features Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain. The 20 cent coin depicts a pair of Lipizzaner horses. The 10 cent coin shows architect Jože Plečnik's plans for the national parliament, "the cathedral of freedom".

The "Sower" was chosen as the Slovenian motif for the 5 cent coin, and the historic "Sovereign Enthronement Stone" features on the 2 cent coin. The stork, the most familiar bird in the north-eastern region of Slovenia, was chosen for the national side of the 1 cent coin.

  • National identification: SLOVENIJA
  • Design: Miljenko and Maja Licul, Janez Boljka
  • Edge inscription (€2):

    Edge lettering