Introduction to the RDSC

The Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC) offers high-quality services providing access to Bundesbank microdata. Simple and quick enquiry channels, competent user support, and data enrichment are key to the RDSC’s business. The data provided to the RDSC are handled responsibly and in compliance with all legal and internal regulations on data processing and data disclosure.

The RDSC provides the following services:

  • It is responsible for methodological improvements, physical provision and comprehensive documentation of high-quality micro datasets. It archives them based on the guidelines drawn up by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, or DFG).
  • The RDSC advises potential and current data users within and outside of the Bundesbank on data selection, data access, data content and analysis options.
  • The RDSC ensures compliance with data confidentiality and data protection requirements. Requests to use microdata are first reviewed in accordance with legal requirements. The RDSC ensures that only anonymised results leave the secure environment of the visiting researcher’s workplace within the RDSC.

Organisational structure

In organisational terms, the RDSC belongs to the Data Service Centre (DSC) within the Bundesbank’s Directorate General Statistics.