Guenther Thallinger

Kurzbiographie Guenther Thallinger

Guenther Thallinger joined Allianz Group in May 2009. He has been a Member of the Board of Management of Allianz SE since January 2017, responsible for Investment Management and the Center of Competence Life & Health. In January 2018 he additionally assumed responsibility for steering ESG topics within Allianz. Until his appointment to the Board of Management, Guenther Thallinger acted as CEO, and prior to that CFO, of Allianz Investment Management SE and was Chairman of the Allianz Investment Management Board. Before joining Allianz, he was principal at McKinsey & Company.

Guenther Thallinger, born in Austria, graduated with a BSc from the Technical University Graz and a MSc from the Technical University Vienna in technical mathematics. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the Technical University Vienna.